We have learned that the bees of Notre Dame survived the inferno that destroyed much of the storied Notre Dame Cathedral.

In an interview with AFPNicolas Geant, the Notre Dame beekeeper said, "The bees are alive. Until this morning, I had had no news."

"At first I thought that the three hives had burned but I had no information."

"Then I saw from satellite images that this was not the case and then the cathedral spokesman told me that they were going in and out of the hives."

Geant says he's been pleasantly surprised by the support shown globally for his treasured bees.

Each hive perched high above the Cathedral produces over 50 pounds of honey each year, which is sold to Notre Dame staff.

In days since gone, Notre Dame beekeepers used the wax produced by the Bees of Notre Dame to make the candles that lit the halls of the famed chapel.