Women Beekeepers You Should Know

by Bee Site March 08, 2023

Women Beekeepers You Should Know

Beyoncé the beekeeper?  Scarlet Johansen the bee activist?  Martha Stewart...well okay this one is no surprise but the list of famous and important women in history who care for bees is extraordinary!  Check it out:


Beyoncé the Beekeeper

It's no surprise to me the Queen of the Hive is Beyoncé!  Since her daughters have allergies, it's said she started beekeeping to alleviate some of their ailments with raw honey.  She has almost 100,000 bees on her property!


Martha Stewart the OG Celebrity Beekeeper

If Beyoncé is the Queen Bee, then Martha is Queen Mother!!  Her beekeeping days stem back to the 1970's and go hand-in-hand with her acres of gorgeous flowers she grows.  


Sylvia Plath, author and beekeeper

Sylvia Plath was awe-struck with bees and maintained several hives herself.  In the months leading up to her death, she penned numerous poems about the flying creatures and her experiences as a beekeeper.  


Emily Dickinson, Poetic Beekeeper

Emily adored bees and was a self-proclaimed botanist.  She penned over 100 poems about bees!  


Scarlet Johansen, Actress and Bee Advocate

When she's not starring in action films, she's caring for her bee hives!  Before she became a beekeeper, she spoke out about bee conservation.  As a wedding gift from a fellow actor, she received a hive and harvests the honey for her own skincare.  

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