Bee Mission

Your support of Bee Mission enables us to create engaging and amazing bee-related content that gets disseminated for free. We invest heavily in reaching as many people as possible, and creating insightful and fun information items all about bees and how we (mankind and bees) can peacefully coexist.


Bee Mission Coffee is thoughtfully and professionally crafted for java lovers from every walk of life. Working with talented coffee curators and brewing experts with decades of experience in the coffee industry, we feel Bee Mission Coffee exudes this delightful passion in every evenly-roasted and perfectly-smooth sip!

We've spent nearly a year bringing our coffee to market because we are committed to bringing a perfectly roasted and premium coffee drinking experience to every bag.

Whether you are simply looking for a caffeine boost, or are a fellow coffee connoisseur, we're sure you'll be thrilled with our coffee!

Enjoy it hot or over ice; either way it'll make your day extraordinary.

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