Happy New Year!
Welcome to the newly designed Save The Bees Project!


Our New Year’s Resolutions and Revitalized Commitment to You:

  • A new look and experience on the Save The Bees Project website. As we add new product categories and powerful new content, we decided the site and your experience on it needed an update. Please keep an eye out for an email asking for your feedback on our new website.
  • Sourcing and making available products ethically made using bee byproducts. Bees are simply amazing, and so are those rarefied individuals who shepherd them. We are committed to source and offer products made ethically with bee byproducts, such as beeswax candles, and skincare products, where ingredients and even products are provided by local beekeepers. These special products will be available in limited supply, but oh how wonderful they will be.
  • More information on the charitable organizations we’ll be working with in 2019, and the impact Save The Bees Project has on global bee populations through the charities we work with and support. We’ve worked with a handful of charities to date and will work with new organizations in 2019. We’re going to rollout a forum to keep you up-to-date on what we’re doing to help Global Bee Populations.
  • Save The Bees Project will initially partner with a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization while exploring the possibility of starting our own Charitable Organization. Our goal is to identify and support organizations that are on the ground, making a real difference for bee colonies globally. Please join our email list, whether you are a customer of ours or not, as we can always use you help in outreach.
  • Better Customer Service and communication. Save The Bees Project continues our unwavering commitment to bees, and our new ownership is extending that same deep-rooted commitment to you, our customer. Save The Bees Project has serviced thousands of customers and fulfilled tens-of-thousands of orders, delivering a seamless experience to most of our clients. Less than 1% of our customers have experienced issues with their orders and have not received the best customer service experiences to date. That changes now. If you are one of the handful of customers that have had a less than stellar experience, please click here so we can make it right.

 Save The Bees Project

Dear Bee Lover:

We have some exciting news!

Save The Bees Project has been going through some fundamental changes that will make us stronger and better. We’re ready for 2019 with a goal to make more meaningful in-roads and a positive impact on the challenges global bee populations face.

You may not have noticed but Save The Bees Project has gone quiet during the past several months.

Launched in April 2018, Save The Bees Project was originally intended to be a side project where we could make a small but meaningful impact on the challenges that face our global bee populations.

Instead, we found ourselves dealing with what became a beyond-full-time project that grew more quickly than expected and challenged our capabilities. We turned to automation as an efficient way to deal with these issues but ended up creating new problems.

In early September 2018 we decided to cease most of our marketing activities, reduced traffic by over 95%, and allowed the site to continue running on automated processes for the occasional user that found their way to our site.

One of the unfortunate byproducts of our unexpected early growth - beyond us not being fully prepared to deal with the volume of orders we received - was that the customer service solutions we implemented were not as good as they should have been. We deeply regret this and are now putting a system in place that will address all outstanding order issues and keep this from happening in the future.

Save The Bees Project has thousands of satisfied customers all over the world and has fulfilled tens-of-thousands of orders.

When we became overwhelmed, we made the decision to rely heavily on automated systems to process orders, ship from fulfillment centers we partnered with, and rely on other automated processes to email customers from the time the order was placed to sending tracking number confirmations.

During all of this less than 1% our valued customers had a sub-standard customer service experience with Save The Bees Project where shipped orders did not make it to their destinations, and our automated customer service systems were not able to cope with, or limited service staff were not properly equipped to deal with the types of messages we received.

In the event you are one of the few customers whose order was not delivered, and we have not reached out to you yet regarding your order, please click here and fill out the form, and we’ll make sure you receive the items you ordered at no additional expense.

When a leading voice grows quiet, other voices grow louder. We were contacted by a competing bee site that correctly identified some of our challenges, and they convinced us that a collaborative solution was best for the bees and for you. Save The Bees Project has proven to be great at outreach and engagement, but we haven't been the best at communication or customer service. Bee Mission's emphasis is on customer service. By combining our strengths, we intend to offer outstanding customer service and powerful outreach so each and every customer has an amazing experience. Most important, we’ll have a greater impact on Bees the world over.

What’s next?

Save The Bees Project may now be under new management, but key members of the original team continue to work with Save The Bees Project as we formulate a better plan for the coming year.

You'll see continued and significant changes throughout 2019, some of which are:

  • A new look and experience on the Save The Bees Project website;
  • Sourcing and making available products ethically made using bee byproducts;
  • More information on the charitable organizations we work with, and the impact Save The Bees Project has on the global bee populations through the charities we work with and support;
  • 2019 will see Save The Bees Project explore becoming a Charitable Organization itself, with the aim of identifying and supporting organizations that are on the ground, making a real difference;
  • Better customer service experience for any customers needing support for their orders.

It’s been an amazing journey to this point. We appreciate all the love and support we’ve experienced over the past 9 months from all of you. Thank you.

We are more committed than ever, and hope you’ll join us on this new chapter in our overall journey.

Save The Bees Project