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Your support of Bee Mission enables us to create engaging and amazing bee-related content that gets disseminated for free. We invest heavily in reaching as many people as possible, and creating insightful and fun information items all about bees and how we (mankind and bees) can peacefully coexist.

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Outreach and education is where Bee Mission shines. From our ebook above (with more volumes coming in 2020) to our growing treasure trove of informative blog posts, we engage good people like you through thought-provoking and powerful bee-related subjects to help you appreciate just how important these beautiful little creatures are, and empower you to discuss with others how amazing they are and what we can do to help them.

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In a Nutshell

Most people have no idea how amazing and magnificent bees are, or how important bees are to our survival on this planet. Most of us lack the knowledge and guidance about how to coexist with bees, and the simple things we can all do to share our environment safely with these darling little creatures.

Our Mission is simple: we focus on outreach and education by investing in powerful and informative content, paid traffic which spreads awareness and converts new Bee Missionaries every day, and supporting front line organizations through outreach and by providing financial support to those that actively affect global bee populations in a meaningful way.

We’re completely self-funded. Your support, whether by sharing an informative blog post or through a purchase, allows us to continue doing what we do. Thank you for taking a few moments to read about us.

Why Bees?

Not all bees are snuggly little cutiepies, but they all deserve to be cherished.

We learn something new about bees daily, and want to share with the world how brilliant, intelligent and amazing bees truly are.

A lot of people know bees are pollinators, but few people know their quirks, sophisticated social structures, or how gifted they are in mathematical and geometric calculations.

Bees face real threats all over the world, many of which are not fully understood or explained. This lack of understanding slows progress and solutions. The more people relate to and understand bees, the more important the bee-cause becomes.

We believe we can support these amazing creatures by raising awareness and helping endear them more to the masses.

Food shortages have long been predicted if we continue to lose colonies of our hardworking little pollinator friends. Just this year we’ve seen first hand around the globe how access to food has been affected by the COVID-19 novel coronavirus outbreak, leaving the shelves barren at our local grocery stores.

Bee Mission

We’re a company, not a charity. That means we are 100% self-funded, and do not accept donations.

Bee Mission has been built around a philosophy of serving bees through the creation of engaging information, building a following of fellow Bee Missionaries, and supporting frontline organizations we see as making a difference.

All of our content is created in-house, through thorough research, and deployed free of cost through our blog, with materials published on and available for free on Apple Books and Amazon (except where Amazon requires a minimum price), social media, and through our email list.

In 2019 Bee Mission reached over 61,000,000 people. Through your support, we have raised awareness about how special and brilliant bees are, and we would like to have an even greater impact in 2020.

The hive thrives because bees work together. When you make a purchase from our store, or write in to us with amazing bee stories, or even simply share our content, we are all working together to positively impact global bee populations.

Please join us on this important Mission, as bees affect us all. How will we choose to affect them back? Together we are all Bee Missionaries, contributing to something bigger than ourselves.

Do you accept donations?

We do not accept donations. If you find value in the content we produce, please make a purchase from our online store.

When something urgent comes up in the bee world that could benefit from direct financial contribution, we let you all know what’s happened, and where we’re donating. We prefer to have organizations such as Facebook, GoFundMe, etc. host and collect funds for organizations in need. These established organizations operate independently, as well as collect and distribute funds directly, keeping transparency front and center.

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Our free content is designed and curated to engage with you, share new ideas and facts about bees (most people tell us they have learned new things they never knew about bees). We encourage you to share our free content, use the fun facts you’ll learn in social settings to instill the beauty and importance of bees in those you know. All of this raises awareness about bees and helps support bees.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our free resources:

  • No Plan Bee

    Our eBook is an engaging resource, dedicated to expanding anyone’s knowledge and appreciation of bees, and it’s 100% free on Apple Books, and free in all Amazon Markets which allow free eBooks

  • Our blog

    Is an entertaining and invaluable free resource, with exciting new content published at least 5 days per week, and always free for all to read. It is curated with care and love, and thanks to all the awesome Bee Missionaries out there, many of our blog posts consistently rank in the top 10% of all blog posts throughout the global Shopify network

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    And follow our social media profiles, and stay up to date on important bee-related news. Whether it’s fun bee-related items you may never have known before that you can share with others to broaden awareness, or urgent matters that we can band together and support, you’ll love being on our email list and following us on social media.

2020 and Beyond

We have a lot of goals to bring to fruition over the next 6-12 months. These include partnering with select organizations with whom we can create unique products that directly benefit the organization on a per-sale basis, as well as giving these organizations a voice to speak directly with our 145,000+ followers.

We're excited about the free resources we are developing specifically for kids. The younger generation needs to understand bees, understand that they are not to be feared, and we are creating more free content that should engage the younger generations, leaving them with fun experiences and a new found appreciation for bees.

We have a lot of exciting new products in the pipeline, and big ideas for new content and education, as well as more of the fun and engaging bee-related content you’ve come to expect and appreciate from us.

We are a work in progress, and we sincerely appreciate you joining us on this amazing journey.

For the bees!

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