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What Is Bee Mission All About, Besides Selling Awesome Jewelry and Apparel?

Most people have no idea how important bees are to our survival on this planet. Then there are those who do know the importance of bees but lack the knowledge and guidance about how to coexist with bees. And the simple things we can all do to share our environment safely with these darling little creatures. Our Mission is simple, we focus on outreach, education and supporting front line organizations through outreach and financial support to those that actively affect global bee populations in a meaningful way.

How Much Has Bee Mission Contributed To The Mission So Far?

We have contributed over $100,000 to our mission so far; directly from our gross revenue without accepting any outside donations. We couldn’t have done this without our amazing customers, and we genuinely appreciate the support we receive.

Do You Accept Donations?

We are often asked how people can donate to us. We do not accept donations, nor do we plan to.

We are not a charity, we are a business. We see no need for a company or individual that is not a legally registered 501(c)3 charitable organization to accept donations.

Facebook empowers all its users to easily start a fundraiser for any cause they believe in to benefit a legally registered charity, where Facebook accepts, manages and delivers the funds raised directly to the charity.

From time to time we'll start a Facebook Fundraiser to raise awareness and funds for specific situations that arise, such as the Brazoria Bee Tragedy that happened earlier this year.

Does Bee Mission Contribute A Set Percentage of Profits to The Mission?

This metric appears to be important to many of our valued supporters. So far we have not limited ourselves to a set percentage, and over 50% of our gross revenue has been contributed to our Mission.

Some customers have sent us links to other sites that state they contribute 10% of their net profits to the causes they support, and we have been encouraged to adopt a similar model. We have not limited ourselves to a set percent so far, but we will happily commit to contribute at minimum 10% of our net profits to our chosen causes by the end of a given year.

Many “brands” on the Internet claim to give 10% of their profits to benefit their selected causes. Some do, while others exploit causes for material gain.

Simply put, we love bees. We believe in the marvelous intelligence known as bees, and are fully committed to doing what we can to have a positive influence on the plight of the global bee population. A terrible tragedy is unfolding, and as a global community of living creatures we all face grave difficulties if bee populations continue to decline or cease to exist. Together we can still make a difference, and this is the message we are broadcasting.

Who Are You?

We are conscientious entrepreneurs, inspired by people like Blake Mycoskie of Tom’s Shoes who started the 1-for-1 business model, and we decided to build a business around bees because without bees, quite frankly we’re all screwed.

How Often Will You Update This Page?

We’ll update this page at minimum every 6 months, in June and December. Interesting updates that may happen in the meantime will be sent out to our subscribers via email.

What's Next?

We have a lot of hopes and dreams to bring to fruition over the next 6-12 months. These include partnering with select organizations that we can create unique products with where set proceeds from each sale benefit the charity directly, as well as giving these organizations a voice to speak directly with our 145,000+ followers.

One of the things we're most excited about is the free resources we are developing specifically for kids. The younger generation needs to understand bees, understand that they are not to be feared, and we are creating some free content that should engage the younger generations, leaving them with fun experiences and a new found appreciation for bees.

We have a lot of exciting new products in the pipeline, and big ideas for new content and education, as well as fun and engaging bee-related content, such as intriguing facts and delicious recipes.

We're a work in progress, and we sincerely hope you'll come on this amazing journey with us.

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