Ambassador Program - Bee Mission

Welcome To The Ambassador Program!

Bee Mission was created with an idea that—like a colony of bees—collectively we can have a much larger and more positive impact on the planet than any of us could have on our own. Our new Bee Ambassador Program is a reflection of this simple idea: we can achieve more together than individually.

GET Access to Exclusive Discounts

You are going to gain access to exclusive Ambassador-Only discounts and offers. You will also receive a custom discount code that you can use for any future purchase from our website in the future. Depending on your level of activity within the program, this discount code can be up to 50% off every order, and can be used for yourself and purchases you make for your friends and family.

Early Access to New Products

When we launch or pre-launch new products, you will be the first to know! Quite often our products sell out of the initial production run very quickly, and many people have missed their opportunity to get a limited edition product. Being a Bee Ambassador grants you early access, making you among the first to know about new products, with the option to get them before they go live to the general public!

Partner With Bee Mission

Quite possibly the best Bee Ambassador perk! You will have the opportunity to help influence the direction of our Mission and Brand. Help us design, curate, release and distribute free resources, as well as help us with designing and bringing to market exciting new Bee-related products. What better way to collectively have a positive impact on the planet than by having your voice heard through partnering with a growing Global Brand?

Free Stuff!

Active Bee Ambassadors will earn opportunities to receive free products in the future! Some of the ways to receive your free stuff will be through limited promotions, review/feedback opportunities, or simply as a Thank You from us to you for being such an important part of what we do. Remaining an active Bee Ambassador will entitle you to opportunities to receive free goodies throughout our journey together.

Exclusive Ambassador-Only Products

We plan to release exclusive Bee Ambassador-only products that will not be offered to the general public, a special way of saying Thank You. As we grow the Bee Ambassador Program, you'll receive an opportunity to claim a unique product made exclusively for you and your fellow Bee Ambassadors.

And So Much More...

We’re just getting started! This list of absolutely amazing perks may change, and will likely grow as we get a feel for how the first test group interacts with the program. If you're on this page, it's because you've been invited to apply, so APPLY NOW before it's too late!

What’s Required From You?

Simply fill out the form below and we'll be in touch! If you're selected to join the first Bee Ambassador test program, we’ll send you an Email with all the details, so be sure to save our email to your contacts so we don't get lost in your spam folder! If you're not selected for this first test group, don't worry! You'll be fast-tracked for consideration in the next group! Thank you sincerely for your interest in the Bee Ambassador Program, and for supporting Bee Mission. We genuinely appreciate you!

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