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Free-bee Friday Copy

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Every Friday all of our loyal supporters have the opportunity to get one of our amazing products FREE! If you'd like to participate and get your hands on one of our awesome products for free, simply subscribe to our Email or SMS list and when the next Free-Bee Friday starts you will be notified!

The giveaway lasts for 24 hours and ends when the timer hits zero. Be warned though, we only give away a limited supply of products and it's on a first come, first served basis, so be sure to act quick!

Why Give Away Free Products?

    On the surface it may seem a little odd to just give away products for free... But we actually have two extremely good reasons for doing it!

  • 1 - Raising Awareness & Educating The Public About Bees

    We have yet to find a better way of reaching a large amount of people as quick as with a product giveaway! Bee Mission has funded the research and development of hundreds of pieces of educational material related to Bees, including our free eBook "No Plan Bee." Through giveaways we are able to give you an extremely unique Bee Themed product that people love, while also introducing you to all of the free educational resources we have at Bee Mission. Through this we able to raise wareness and general understanding about Bees and why they're so incredibly important to our planet.

    However it doesn't stop there! Now that you have an eye-catching product you can also educate others about Bees, using the product as a conversation starter. Think of it as a partnership with us that benefits the Bees! You get a free product and free educational material and all we ask is that you use it for the betterment of the planet!

  • 2 - Extremely Cheap Marketing!

    Unfortunately we're not a massive company with millions of dollars in the bank to spend on massive marketing campaigns, so one of the cheapest ways for us to get our brand and extremely important message out to the world is through giveaways!

    In exchange for a free product and hopefully a wonderful experience with us, we hope that you'll spread the word about us and what we do so that even more people around the world can be reached with this incredibly important message. No obligations of course, we just hope that we can give you an amazing and memorable experience and thank you for the opportunity to do so!

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How Can We Afford To Give Away Free Products?

It's actually quite simple!

The way the system currently works is quite flawed...

Unfortunately, when products go from manufacturer to retailer, there are a TON of middle men in the mix which drives the price of a simple product through the roof without actually adding any value to it!

The Result: You pay 5-10x more than you should be due to all of the added costs in the middle of the process that aren't necessary at all!

By skipping the middle man and delivering you the product straight from the manufacturer we are able to deliver you the same product that others would charge 5-10x more for, free of charge! The only catch is shipping takes slightly longer than normal, but we think that's a pretty fair trade off for getting a free product!

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It's extremely simple!

1. Sign up to our Email or SMS list via the forms on this page.
2. Wait for the Email or SMS on Friday announcing the newest FREE product we're giving away!
3. Order your free product before inventory runs out!

We cover the full cost of the product for you, all we ask is that you cover a nominal shipping & handling fee to deliver the product to you!

We can generally deliver within 7 to 14 business days. However, due to the current situation with COVID-19, shipping companies are experiencing backlog and delays so please allow an additional 7 to 14 business days for delivery.

Nope! We cover the cost of the product for you and all we ask is that you cover a nominal shipping & handling charge to get the product delivered to you! There are no hidden fees or obligations anywhere :)

Absolutely! We highly encourage you to order more than one product. Our goal is to create awareness and promote education about Bees worldwide, so the more people you can spread this vital message to, the better! Please note that if ordering additional products, there will be added shipping & handling charges applied. These charges will be significantly lower than the original.

Once a week, every Friday!

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