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UPDATE : 4  - Most packages were shipped last week. Because of the orders being tied to the original fulfillment warehouses, we are manually entering tracking details on every order. Most should be updated this weekend. More inventory is being moved into this warehouse, and full normal shipping times are expected to resume this coming week. Thank you again for your patience as we have worked through these trying times. We sincerely appreciate your patronage and understanding during these delays.

UPDATE: 3 - On Monday inventory was successfully processed into the warehouse. Orders began shipping on Tuesday. Tracking is being updated into the system manually, and as we add these tracking numbers the system will begin sending emails with tracking numbers. Thank you for your patience as we worked through this. We genuinely appreciate the patience and understanding most of you have shown us as we have worked through these unexpected circumstances.

UPDATE: 2 - Thank you for your patience through these unprecedented times. The inventory we decided to move to our Idaho warehouse should be processed in on Monday and begin shipping on Tuesday. As of now, most packages to US residents should resume normal delivery times beginning next week.

We are so grateful for your patience while we worked hard to resolve these issues.

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UPDATE: 1 - Our California and North Carolina fulfillment partners remain at minimal capacity under stay at home orders. We are moving thousands of pieces of inventory to the warehouse in Idaho, from which US shipments are being delivered within a normal delivery times when shipped. In the coming days we will begin shipping replacement items to many affected customer at no additional cost to you. When your original order arrives, please keep both items as a small gesture of appreciation for your patience.

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Dear Bee Mission shopper,

Thank you for being our valued customer.

We wish to be fully transparent with you about delays that may be surrounding the delivery of your package.

Bee Mission utilizes relationships with UPS, USPS and FedEx, as well as global postal services to deliver your orders. We have been experiencing inconsistencies with delivery times, with some packages being delivered within just a few days, while others are experiencing additional deliver times of up to several weeks.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many of our lives in a multitude of ways. It's impacted Bee Mission's fulfillment and global shipping routes, and is continuing to cause delivery delays and uncertainty for some of our shipments.

This may be impacting the timely delivery of your order.

What's Happening?

Online orders are up 47% more than normal for this time of year; many processing hubs are experiencing volume levels normally seen during Christmas. We are all at home and ordering products rather than going out.

Combine this with dramatic reduction in commercial flights, the primary source of transport for airmail packages, and less people working in processing facilities impacted by stay at home orders, and it has become a recipe for delays.

Due to varying global stay at home orders, a few of the fulfillment partner warehouses Bee Mission utilizes have experienced limited output, but our main Idaho warehouse has remained in normal operations.

The vast majority of our packages are shipped via AirMail, which utilizes commercial airline traffic as part of the delivery process. With so few commercial flights in operation, this has caused backlogs at many shipment hubs impacting fulfillment time. UPS has estimated a 96% decrease in available supply of transportation, resulting in backlogs.

How Is This Affecting Your Order?

Such delays are not the way we do business, and we sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and want you to know that we greatly appreciate your patience.

  • I don't have tracking details. As we have attempted to work through many different shipping solutions to cut shipment times, some tracking details have not been automatically updated in our systems. Please submit a ticket and we'll be happy to look into your order.
  • I have my tracking details, but there are no recent updates. This issue is impacting products going through shipping hubs where the carriers are large volume with limited supply of transport. Your order is not lost. It is experiencing delay as the backlogs are worked through. These items will be delivered.
  • Tracking shows my package has been returned to Bee Mission. A growing number of countries are rejecting packages over COVID-19 fears, and returning them to sender. We will re-ship your order at our expense when you country begins accepting and processing packages again.

Current Solutions

Please rest assured that we are fully committed to delivering your package, and if we are unable to confirm tracking and delivery by the carrier we will send you a replacement at our expense.

We are doing everything we can to move the process along, but our options are somewhat limited as we await things returning to a semblance of normal.

  • My order is a gift for a certain date. We know many of you have made purchases for holidays and special occasions, and we have created some beautiful e-cards for you to present to your special loved ones for whom you may have purchased gifts, while we work hard to get your gifts delivered. We'll be adding links to these special, custom downloadable PDF cards here and on the product page shortly.
  • I don't have tracking details. We have hired a developer to link our system with the various shipping integrations, and push tracking details to your order which should trigger an email to be sent. Please submit a ticket and we'll be happy to look into your order
  • I have my tracking details, but there are no recent updates. The major carriers are currently implementing new transport methods, and working through the large backlogs of packages. Your package is not lost, and tracking will begin to update as the carriers work through their backlogs.

We understand this global pandemic is affecting us all, and delivery times may not be the most important thing at the moment. But we want you to know what’s going on, and that we are working as hard as we can to get your packages delivered. We genuinely appreciate your patronage, and humbly request your patience and understanding as we work through these trying times.

As always our Help Desk is here to assist you, so don't hesitate to submit a ticket to our customer service agents. We are happy to assist you in any way we can.

We do genuinely appreciate your choice to shop with us, and we humbly request your understanding and patience as we navigate these unprecedented waters. We are committed to delivering your order as expediently as possible, and are in constant contact with our shipping partner representatives to keep working towards getting your package delivered.