African Elephants and The Bee Fence

African Elephants and The Bee Fence

African honeybees have become instrumental in helping to improve the human - elephant relationship in certain parts of Africa like Kenya.

Elephants are herbivores and have been decimating family crops while trying to feed themselves. Hostility was growing.

When a local person explained to a conservationist that elephants are afraid of bees, the wildly successful "bee fence" concept was born. Watch this fascinating video that is under 6 minutes long, and you will be amazed at the simplicity of the solution.


Elephants are afraid of bees. They produce a particular rumble to warn other elephants to stay away if bees are nearby.

The bee fences are wildly successful in reducing human - elephant conflict and a lot of funding and research for the project has come from Disney.

Now crops planted by the local people are no longer being devoured by the elephants because they run away from the bees.

Except for a few bee stings, everyone is learning to co-exist in peace and tempers are no longer flaring.

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