Amazing Beehive Cake

Amazing Beehive Cake

Vanilla cake covered in scrumptious buttercream and topped with cute fondant bees... the Icing Artist sure knows her stuff!

Usually we provide the recipe for any dish we blog about, but this time we want to show you this cake project more to grasp the technique of how to make a creative beehive cake like this. If you decide to bake this cake, please watch the videos and visit the cake artist's website.

This cake is a true Bee Hive fantasy. Even though it isn't super easy to bake, it is not as hard as you may think, based on the videos. Like everything else, it’s a series of steps. Watch the videos, prepare your ingredients, and start baking!

Kids or grandchildren will feel so very special if you make them a cake like this for a birthday or special occasion party. It could also make a beautiful “welcome spring” or summer party.

If you don’t consider yourself a baker, maybe you can find someone to bake it for you, or let the younger generation bake it as a culinary project.

This main video is 4:59-minutes long. Laurie The Icing Artist has a gift for making it all look so easy!



You can watch Laurie handle various pieces of the puzzle in these two videos. Learn how to make this beehive cake one step at a time using your own vanilla pound cake recipe, one you find on the web, or on the Icing Artist's website. You can find more information in the Show More section just below the Youtube video.

The Icing Artist's buttercream icing video takes you through the steps to whipping up a fantasy icing you can use on this beehive cake or any cake you create.



If you bake a Bee Hive Cake, please post pix over on our Facebook page so we can all drool. And don’t forget to share your tips to help others streamline their baking process.


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