Amazing Honeybee Flight in Slow Motion

Amazing Honeybee Flight in Slow Motion

Today we bring you some authentic and amazing new footage by Frederick Dunn and The Honeybees. He pointed out that this pollen sub feeding station is only about 100 feet away from the apiary, but it was windy when the video was made.

Fred is a beekeeper, and an amazing YouTuber. Over the past few years, we featured several of his videos because of the intelligence and beauty that emanate from his portrayal of the honeybees. He really cares about them, and he knows how to honor them through the lens of his camera.

So today we honor Fred. Thank you for the contributions you have made to educating people about honeybees over the years. Your love and dedication for these amazing insects is evident in every video of yours that we have ever watched.

This first 4:09-minute video by Frederick Dunn is only two days old, and already it is approaching 6,000 views. This is a rare and magnificent opportunity to watch a whole lot of forager honeybees flying as if they are dancing in slow motion.



As he explains, the bees are gathering pollen substitute as an open feed. Right now, times are critical in the colder areas for the bees. In-hive dry sugar and fondant packs help them to survive now where there aren’t many flowers budding yet, so nectar and pollen are scarce. Without these extra foods, weaker bee colonies might not make it to spring.

Usually, strong colonies do not have this potential problem, so supplemental feeding isn’t as necessary.

The next day, snow and freezing weather were expected to return to the area. He makes a point of offering dry pollen substitute in this same place every day that the temperature hits 60+. He puts it out around noon and takes it indoors at night. He intends to continue until pollen and nectar are plentiful so their survival chances are good.

At the time he posted this video, the wetlands in his area were beginning to provide pollen in skunk cabbage and tree pollen sources should start producing resources soon.

And then... another treat for us all. A day later, hot off the press, he filmed another slo-mo film of the bees. This one is 13:51-minutes long but definitely worth taking the time. It is 66 degrees with blustery 40 mph winds.



This is a very educational bee video. Fred gives a verbal intro to "all things bee" as he narrates the new video. 

We encourage you to go over to Fred Dunn's Youtube channel if you enjoy these videos, and support him by checking out his channel, maybe subscribing, or giving him a thumb's up for these amazing videos. And he has merchandise too, just scroll down below his videos to find it.

Thanks to Fred his bees will BEE well. We look forward to more of his lovely productions as spring kicks in and his honeybees turn into busy buzzing bees.



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