It is debatable whether this qualifies to be called a recipe, because it only has one ingredient.


You can use any honey you like... local, exotic, flower-specific, blended, or plain.

If your honey is not 100% pure honey, it may contain things like corn syrup or other syrups or fillers. This could cause it to hard freeze. We have blogged about the fake adulterated honey market a few times.

So, use raw organic or at least organic honey, if you can. It is a bit more expensive but it supports bees, beekeepers and your own health. And it deters scammers who call it honey when it is not.

The frozen honey craze has gone crazy on TikTok. In fact, their hashtag #frozenhoney has over 206 million views and counting, and #honeyinabottle has 23.4 million views.

To prepare your own frozen honey, all you have to do, according to @beccabright2002, is freeze your honey for 24-hours. Make sure it is not in a glass jar, because you want to be able to squeeze it.

Here is the Becca Bright 2002 TikTok mini-video that seems to have gotten it all started:




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This 4:58-minute video by Davey RZ got 1.2+ million views in one day! He goes far beyond 'just' frozen honey with creativity and lots of sugary products, but it can still get you in the frozen honey mood. Most of his concoctions only need 4 hours in the freezer:



This next video by Trashzy mochi is a bit long at 11:09-minutes but it is a compilation of about a dozen TikTok mini-videos showing various takes on this recipe. You can see the trend is moving away from pure honey to a broader theme with some outrageous and sensational "jelly" ideas. 



The original recipe makes honey jelly that can be eaten like a popsicle or a sliding soft-serve on a hot summer day. Just keep in mind that pure honey has a high natural sugar content, so it tastes very sweet and if you have sugar issues you may want to think twice.

As a bee lover, the trendy nature of this super easy honey treat is interesting. Keep in mind that bees have to visit around 2 million flowers to produce one pound of honey. It takes the average worker bee her whole lifetime to produce a mere 1/12 teaspoon of honey. One beehive can only produce between 60 and 100 pounds of honey in an entire year!

If this doesn’t make honey one of the rarest and most special foods on the planet, what would it take?

Honeybees produce honey to feed the queen bee and all the worker bees in the hive through winter when flowers are few and far between and the weather can be too cold for them to leave their colony. Honey is their survival food. Then they lose at least half of it to humans for our enjoyment.

Before filling an empty plastic water bottle with honey to put in the freezer, maybe take a minute to thank honeybees for all their hard work and for being such good sports... and for the delicious treat we call honey.