Happy Bee and Honeycomb Cookies

Happy Bee and Honeycomb Cookies

How To Make Honeycomb and Bee Cookies, Decorating with Royal Icing

Do you have a spring or summer Bee Party coming up?

We've got the most fabulous cookies ever for you to create. Just watch this short video by Haniela of how to make them. Then, if you want to make your own, the precise recipes and tool list is in the drop down Show More menu below the video.

Here is Haniela's 2:57-minute long video:

Making Textured Honeycomb Cookies:

Make sugar cookie dough without baking powder and color it yellow.

Place it on baking paper and on each side put a wooden stick about a half inch thick, as you'll see in the video. Roll the dough out to about half an inch thickness by rolling over it with paper between the dough and the roller.

Lightly dust a honeycomb-shaped silicone potholder, which is FDA approved for using with food. Place the potholder over the dough so the edges rest on the two wooden sticks as shown in the video.

Applying even pressure, use a large rolling pin to roll over the silicone mat in one direction. Gently peel off the mat and now you have a cute honeycomb dough.

Use a hexagonal cookie cutter to cut the cookies from the dough and bake as usual.

Making Sweet Bee Cookies:

Create plain sugar cookie dough. Use a large cute honeybee cookie cutter and cut the bees out of the dough.

Use 15 Second Royal Icing in Black to outline the head, body, belly lines and 2 wings on each side.

Fill in 2-3 of the belly lined sections with the same black icing (every other one) and use a thin stainless-steel needle tool to smooth it out. Let it sit and dry for 10-15 minutes.

Fill in the head and other body sections in yellow icing. Use the needle tool to make it ripple free. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes.

Fill in the wings with white icing, smooth it with the needle tool, and leave to set overnight since these are larger areas.

Give your little bees eyes and a mouth with a black edible marker, and use a pink edible marker to blush their cheeks.

If you love these cookies, click on the Show More link below the Youtube video and you’ll see where she lists all her recipes for these two cookies. It also shows where you can buy the hexagon cookie cutter set, honeycomb silicone potholder, bee cookie cutter, Americolor Electric Food Colorings, Americolors Food Colorings and the stainless-steel needle tool.

Haniela’s channel is a baking-lovers-paradise, so subscribe to enjoy her many great baking ideas. Thank you, Haniela!

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