Oh Honey!  15 Fascinating Facts about Liquid Gold

Oh Honey! 15 Fascinating Facts about Liquid Gold

Liquid Gold.  Nectar of the Gods.  Sweet Amber.  No matter what you call it, honey is an outstanding substance for you!  Here's 15 Facts you probably didn't know about your favorite topping:

  1. More Valuable than Money    In the 11th century, honey was often used as a form of payment to buy things in Germany 
  2. Beer Ingredient      Honey was used as a sugar alternative and added to German beer 
  3. It Stands the Test of Time     Honey never goes bad.  In fact, edible honey has been found in 2000 year old jars in Egypt 
  4. Slather it on your Face     Honey is very nurishing and is beneficial for your skin
  5. Sneeze-No-More     Eating local honey every day will build up your immune system and help prevent allergies 
  6. Offering to the Gods   The Nile received a 30,000-pound offering of honey by Rameses III as a sacrifice 
  7. Head of the Class    Honey is graded on a number scale with the highest number being the darkest colored honey 
  8. Healing Powers    Honey is great for cuts, burns and scapes.  Apply a layer on top and let it work it's magic 
  9. Cruise Around the World   Just two tablespoons of honey will fuel a bee to fly completely around the world once!  
  10. Survival Tactic    Honey is the only food that contains ALL the necessary substances to sustain life
  11. Not the Cat's Meow    Cats are unable to taste honey as they lack the needed taste buds to do so 
  12. Insect Pride     Honey is the only food made by an insect 
  13. 80/20    Honey is 80% sugar and 20% water 
  14. God Save the Queen     The queen bee and her workers survive the cold winters by eating honey in their hives 
  15. Imposter Honey     To find real honey, buy it locally from a beekeeper.  Much of what is sold in grocery stores is not 100% real honey 
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