Recipe: Do It Yourself Lavender and Honey Bath Oil

Recipe: Do It Yourself Lavender and Honey Bath Oil

Do you make your own honey-based skin and bath oil?

I've started making mine and love the intense soothing results these blended oils are having on my dry and weathered skin. Not to mention the blissful aromatherapy!

Searching for natural bath and skin products can be exhausting. Many have a list of ingredients an inch long, and words I can’t pronounce or figure out what they’d do for—or to—my skin.

The ones with a short list of natural ingredients are appealing but often beyond my budget.

Here’s my super easy recipe. Use it as a bath oil base and change it up to suit your mood or depending on the essential oils you have on hand.


12 oz sweet almond oil                                                                

3 oz local honey                                                                               

¾ Tbsp vanilla                                                                                   

¾ Tbsp lime juice or lemon juice


15 drops lavender oil

5 drops lemon oil

5 drops bergamot oil

Whisk these ingredients vigorously together. Slightly warm the honey to make blending easier and add the essential oils at the end. Pour it into a sealed glass or plastic container so it remains fresh. Shake gently before adding it to the bath.

A few other lovely blends would be rose and jasmine for beauty and serenity, eucalyptus and tee tree for deep breathing, chamomile and vanilla for dreamy sleep. You can put the base bath oil into several small glass containers and add different essential oils to each, so you've got choices.

Substitutes: Sweet almond oil can be replaced with your favorite carrier oil instead, or if your skin reacts to it. Using honey from local bees helps soothe any environmental skin allergies you may have.

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