Do Bees Always Die When They Sting?

Do Bees Always Die When They Sting?

Today we're sharing a short and sweet video--only 4:19 minutes long--where we can see a number of little worker bees who manage to fly free after stinging a human.

All it seems to take is a bit of patience on the part of the person, and the willingness to give the bee a chance to free herself. 


What's so delightful about this video is the beekeeper's obvious affection for the bees who sting him.  

He reminds us that we shouldn't fear bees. Even if we get stung, the bee usually has a lot more to lose by stinging us than we do.

The bee often loses her life, unless she can "twist" herself out of her predicament and fly away to live another day. 

Bees have enough challenges and obstacles to their existence these days without giants like us killing them.

Have you ever been stung by a bee who managed to get free? Buzz on over to our Facebook page and share your survival story!  :) 



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