Gifts of the Bees - Royal Jelly

Gifts of the Bees - Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly is food fit for a queen bee. Rich in fatty acids, B vitamins, protein and other nutritional goodness, it is a gelatinous and creamy white glandular secretion.

Whereas beeswax is produced by wax producing glands, royal jelly is produced by glands in the mouths of worker bees. These are called hypopharyngeal glands. Worker bees only feed it to young larvae during the first three days of development. After that, they get no more.

Only the queen bee continues to be fed royal jelly throughout her whole larvae development phase. In fact, she is literally bathed in royal jelly as she develops in her cell. It is most likely why she grows so much bigger than her worker bees and why she lives a lot longer than they do.

For humans, royal jelly is known to have many health benefits. There is ongoing research as well, to expand our understanding about this rich milky bee substance. It is like the nectar of the goddess, and is particularly known for its anti-aging properties, hormonal balancing, immune enhancement and natural rejuvenation of sexual hormones.

This super short video (1:24 minutes long) shares some great images and insights about royal jelly.



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