How to Attract a Swarm of Bees to Your Garden

How to Attract a Swarm of Bees to Your Garden

According to Southeast AG Net, there is a way to draw a swarm of bees to your property even if you don’t like chasing bees.

The secret is to create bait hives.

To do this, you need old hive bodies or NUC boxes, some old and new frames, and a swarm attractor.

First you place a ¾ entrance in the nuc box or old hive body.

Then put some new hives in the box but also use a couple of old frames that have an old comb in them.

Last, but not least, choose a swarm attractor.

In this unrelated 5:39-minute video by JPthebeeman, he also focuses on attracting a swarm to your garden:



You can use an old queen as the best swarm attractor. If you don’t have an old queen, you can use lemongrass oil or swarm lures like Swarm Commander.

If you have an old queen, submerge her in corn whiskey or rubbing alcohol and she will release a pheromone that will attract a swarm.

If instead you are using lemongrass oil or a swarm lure, just dab a cotton ball or Q-tip in them.

No matter which swarm attractor you are using, you must place it at the top back of the hive body.

This makes the bees have to go to the back to get to the scent, way deep inside the hive.

After the swarm moves into your nuc and gets comfortable, hopefully they decide to stay put and call it home.


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