This amazing cheesecake recipe has three things going for it:

  • It uses a generous amount of honey
  • it is decorated as a perfect beehive honeycomb
  • No baking is required

This luscious recipe and clearly demonstrated 10:02-minute video is by Nino’s Home. It shows you the entire process.

Please watch the video all the way through and then play it again when you are ready to make your own honey cheesecake.

Chef Nino will show you how! 



Chef Nino says they learned how to decorate this cake from Cooking Tree Channel

Spring form: 15cm wide x 7 cm tall mold without a bottom.


100g biscuits/plain crunchy cookies – put them in a sandwich bag and smash to crumbs.

40g melted cooled unsalted butter – heat butter and add to crumbs to mix. Spread and pack in spring form.

Refrigerate for 20 minutes.

Honey Cream Cheese:

Add 5g gelatin and 25ml water and wait for 15 minutes.

200g room temp cream cheese and mash it and add 50g yogurt and add 60g honey and blend well.

Put the gelatin mix from before in a hot water bath and whisk it when it melts.

Whisk it into the honey cream cheese mixture after the gelatin is done melting.

Set the cream cheese bowl aside.

Pour 200g whipping cream into a new bowl and only whisk it by hand until it is 70-80% air so when you mix it with the rest of the ingredients the water won’t separate.

Add the cream to the cream cheese mixture. Use a whisk or spatula and the folding method.

Set aside 150gm of the mixture. Pour the remaining crumbs in the mold. The mixture will become more condensed over time.

Freeze the mold for 20 minutes.

Orange-Flavored Cream:

Add 5ml water and ½ teaspoon (1gm) of gelatin and wait for 15 minutes.

Add 50g orange juice from fresh, juicy, sweet oranges and 5g sugar and add the gelatin mixture and boil until sugar and gelatin dissolve. Leave it aside to cool down to room temperature.

After that, add the orange juice mix to the remaining cheese mixture in a bowl and mix until smooth.

If you want, add 2 drops of orange/amber colored food coloring. Keep whisking.

Remove cake from the fridge and pour the orange mixture on top of it.

To create the honeycomb texture use bubble wrap and the same sized mold to cut the size you want, just a little smaller so it fits well. You can do this at the very beginning if you don’t have 2 molds.

Place the bubble wrap (bubbles down) on top of the unfrozen cake and press lightly so the cream won’t overflow.

Place the cake in the freezer for 3 hours, then remove the bubble wrap, it peels off easily.

Set it aside for about 90 minutes to get to room temperature.

Pour warm water on a clean towel and wring it out so it is still a bit damp. Pat the mold with the warm towel only for up to 30-40 seconds so it is easier to pop the cake out of the mold but no longer than that or the cake will melt.

The cake will now separate from the mold easily.

Pour honey on top and let it overflow.

Prepare to make another honey cheesecake soon, because everyone will be begging for more.


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