Recipe: Beehive Cake by Louise

Recipe: Beehive Cake by Louise

It has been a long time since we showcased a bee-themed recipe. This Beehive Cake seems like the perfect sweet treat for lazy summer days. 

It is perfect for summer parties, and to entertain children, friends and family. It's ideal for afternoon garden parties, late summer evening get togethers and to enjoy summer holiday fun.

Bake it to surprise your kids while they are out of school on their summer holidays or as a fun project you can bake together with them in the kitchen.

This 2:37-minute video from Bake and Cook with Louise shares expert tips to create a perfect and delicious cake quickly. 



There is no exact description of how to make this cake, so use your imagination to make it your own way. We suggest using standard cake recipes. Watch the video first, because Louise shows you the basic steps of how to put it all together. 

Start with a 4-tier layered cake. First, bake 1 x 10 inch round chocolate cake. Top it with layers of chocolate ganache and vanilla buttercream icing, then position 1 x 10 inch round vanilla cake, and add the ganache and buttercream. Repeat chocolate and vanilla layers for a total of 4 tiers. Insert 4 sturdy plastic straws to support the cake and hold it in place. Then crumb coat the entire cake (spread a thin layer of icing) and chill it 10-15 minutes.

Add a wooden dowel to support the top of the cake, and add a moist chocolate dome cake on top for a rounded top of beehive effect. Add another layer of buttercream icing and smooth it all out. Chill for another 10-15 minutes. 

Prepare honey-colored yellow buttercream icing to color the cake (Louise uses gel colors like AmeriColor or Chefmaster). Use a round nozzle to apply it, starting at the bottom and working up row by row to the top. Chill for 10 minutes.

Add some previously prepared decorations to the finished cake: 8 fondant bumblebees, 6-8 daisy flowers, a cute rounded chocolate door, and a dedication message around the bottom edge of the cake dish. 

We hope making this sweet cake brings you some summer fun. It is a great way to bring bees into the conversation.

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Bon appetit!


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