Today we are sharing a popular and delicious recipe with a rich honey theme -- an easy and fluffy Honey Castella.

Castella is a Japanese honey sponge cake. It is also called Kasutera in Japanese. A Castella is a sort of Wagashi which are traditional Japanese confections usually made of plant-based ingredients.

It is said to have been originally introduced to the Nagasaki area of Japan by Portuguese merchants in the 16th century. The phrase “bread from Castile” applies, as the Portuguese name was Pão de Castela.

Castella was developed in Japan, based on the “Nanban confectionery” concept that originated in Portugal. There is no confectionery called “castella” in Portugal.

This 6:51-minute video by MOMMY OVEN is easy to follow so watch it carefully because it gives some great tips about how to make this honey sponge cake effortlessly and like a professional.



INGREDIENTS: (Mold Size: Width 12 cm, Width 8cm, Height 5cm x 5 pieces)

Can also be used as a muffin pan (approximately 12-14)

40g butter + 70g milk + 40g honey

5 egg whites, 110g sugar

5 yolks, vanilla extract

120g cake flour

Preheat the oven

Follow all the actions shown in the video to ensure quality

Please only fill the mold to 70-80% from the top

Reduced cooking times below refer to when using muffin pans

155 to 165 ° C (311 to 329 ° F) / 7 minutes – 150 to 155 ° C (302 to 311 ° F) / 10 to 15 minutes (depending on oven specifications)

Japanese Castella honey sponge cake is usually bouncier than western sponge cake, but it depends on the ingredients used. Castella is traditionally served with green tea.

And there you have it, a mouthwatering Honey Castella to share with family and friends.

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