How to Make Amazing Honey Taffy – Only Honey – Art and Bri

This 6-minute video features how Art and Bri are sharing great old-time recipes from a 100-year old farm as they turn it into a productive homestead again. They are bringing the best old wisdom to new minds in the twenty-first century.

Here, Art shares a great Honey Taffy recipe he has used since he was a child.


Only 1 ingredient – pure honey!

Put 1 ½ -- 2 cups of honey into a medium saucepan and cook it at medium heat uncovered.

Use the amount of honey for the amount of candy you want.

You can use any type of honey – try orange or blueberry honeys – they are amazing.

Buckwheat honey is black and tastes like cow poop.

Cut up some wax paper wrappers for the candies.

You want honey to reach about 270 degrees – this is the soft crack stage.

Just don’t burn the honey – it will start to boil in about 8 minutes and keep cooking it until a candy thermometer registers 270-280 degrees – a total of about 10 minutes.

(NOTE: Art couldn’t chew the taffy, he left it too long and it went to the hard crack stage so keep an eye on how long it boils).

Take a spoonful of honey and drop it into cold water -- flatten it – when cool it will be a little brittle.

Spread a thick layer of butter into a rectangular glass oven-proof dish and pour the honey from the saucepan to cool here for about 15-20 minutes.

Wash the saucepan with the hottest water you have ASAP or else it will be quite the job.

As soon as your honey is cool enough to handle go ahead and handle it – make a ball/knob of it.

Butter your hands – then take the ball of honey and stretch and fold it to put air in it for about 5 minutes.

The color will change from golden brown to a yellow gold color – it is beautiful – it is cooling.

Once it is unworkably stiff, stop working it and shape it.

Stretch it into an even size all the way along, into the thickness we want the candies to be.

Use a kitchen scissors to cut the candies to the length you want them.

Part of it you can dust with a little bit of salt – then keep cutting.

Wrap them individually in wax paper.

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Thank you, honeybees!